The New "Green" Fashion Map Focuses on Sustainability

This year, the Slovak Fashion Council also brings a one-of-a-kind list of promotional and sales points. We published a limited-edition fashion map containing Slovak sustainable fashion brands.

This time, we approached the latest limited edition of Fashion Map more unconventionally; we focused on sustainable concepts and dedicated space to brands outside of Bratislava for the first time. The map includes only brands that have met at least 6 of the 14 sustainability criteria defined by the Slovak Fashion Council based on available information, knowledge, know-how, and experience in the field.

"We need to keep in mind that there is no official authority to have determined what exactly a sustainable brand is. Every organization, brand, or designer that deals with the topic creates their concept," explains Zuzana Bobiková, CEO of the Slovak Fashion Council.

As Zuzana Bobiková further reveals, the Slovak Fashion Council plans to devote its resources to this topic in the long term as it is alarmingly current. "The climate crisis also brings information about the negative impact of the clothing industry on many areas of the environment. Forecasting trends show growing consumer interest in sustainability. Numerous surveys from companies such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Vogue Business, Fashion Revolution, or GFK indicate the same. The journey toward sustainability in fashion is long, and we are happy to promote many Slovak fashion brands that care about the future."

The online version of and the latest printed version should be one of the tools to access information in our environment. SFC's long-term mapping activities focus on authentic design and creativity, as everyone behind the local fashion business creates a crucial image of the city and our country. They also enable the sustainability of local economies, support domestic and foreign tourism, and create a relationship with the nation. Therefore, the main objective of the fashion map is to make local design shops more visible and help them with traffic in both; brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops.


The map helps consumers discover designer studios, showrooms, quality shops, and e-shops with Slovak and local fashion, design, jewelry, and accessories. It provides an overview of the current events and activities related to local fashion design and design online. The map becomes a tool for everyone who is not indifferent to the fashion industry's impact on the environment, is looking for authentic inspiration, and wants to support the local scene and economy with their purchases.


"We firmly believe that each place on this new "green" map represents the best that the city offers in terms of sustainable fashion. Authentic design and creativity have always been important for Bratislava and the city's culture. They contribute to the local, sustainable economy and support tourism," concludes Zuzana Bobiková.

We launched the new green Fashion Map in Stará tržnica as part of the Urban Market event, and its godmother is Babsy Jagušák. You can pick it up at your favorite concept store. If by chance you can't find it (we printed the limited edition in 1000 pieces), look for the green symbol in the details of the brand's profile at

Text: Andrea Gregorová, Petra Konček

Photos: Mafin Laurincová

The project was financially supported using public funding from the Arts Council and Bratislava self-governing region.

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